Box Hill

Box Hill or Boxhill may refer to:

  • Box Hill, New South Wales, suburb of Sydney, Australia
  • Box Hill, Surrey, England well known beauty spot in the North Downs
    • location of Box Hill & Westhumble railway station
    • SS Box Hill, a British steamship named after the hill in Surrey and sunk by a German mine in 1939
  • Box Hill, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia
    • home town of Box Hill Hawks Football Club
    • and Box Hill Inter soccer club
  • Electoral district of Box Hill, an electoral district in Victoria, Australia
  • Box Hill, Wiltshire, England (between Bath and Chippenham)
    • (through which the Box Tunnel was dug)
  • Box Hill, a street in Khandallah, Wellington, New Zealand; see Box Hill railway station, Wellington

Famous quotes containing the words box and/or hill:

    You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever painted. Not because you’re beautiful but because I’m in love with you. Hopelessly in love with you.
    —Muriel Box (b. 1905)

    The hill farmer ... always seems to make out somehow with his corn patch, his few vegetables, his rifle, and fishing rod. This self-contained economy creates in the hillman a comparative disinterest in the world’s affairs, along with a disdain of lowland ways. “I don’t go to question the good Lord in his wisdom,” runs the phrasing attributed to a typical mountaineer, “but I jest cain’t see why He put valleys in between the hills.”
    —Administration in the State of Arka, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)