Bowling League - League Scoring

League Scoring

Leagues normally consist of weekly sessions that require each bowler on a team to bowl three games per week (or more/less depending on the league's rules). Some leagues have special prize funds accumulated by a small weekly fee (above that which is paid to the bowling center) that can fund cash prizes at the end of the season, or anything from a trip to Las Vegas to a bowling ball of your own.

In a given weekly session, each team will face another team in the league in scheduled competition. Teams are awarded points for winning each game, plus points for having more total pins than the other team at the end of all games that week. Scoring systems vary by league. Some of the most common ways of scoring matches in leagues that have three games per week are:

  • 4-point system: 1 point for each game, and 1 point for total pins
  • 7-point system: 2 points for each game, and 1 point for total pins
  • 8-point system: 2 points for each game, and 2 points for total pins (though essentially the same as a 4-point system, this system avoids having to award half-points for ties)

Some leagues may have scoring systems in which each individual on a team bowls an opposing team member for a point, in addition to team points being awarded. Such systems can have 30 points or more up for grabs every night.

League standings are published after each session, and teams with more points at the end of a season (or end of a half in split seasons) generally win the most money or a special prize.

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