Boswell (surname)

Boswell is a Scottish family name and may refer to the following individuals:

  • Alexander Boswell (1706 – 1782), judge of the Scottish supreme court and father of James Boswell
  • Sir Alexander Boswell (1775 – 1822), a Scottish songwriter, son of James Boswell, grandson of Alexander Boswell
  • Bobby Boswell (born 1983), American soccer player
  • Charles Wallace Boswell (1886 – 1956), New Zealand politician
  • Dave Boswell (1945 - 2012), American baseball player
  • Granny Boswell (c. 1817 – 1909), Cornish Gipsy
  • James Boswell (1740 – 1795), Scottish lawyer, diarist, author, and biographer of Samuel Johnson
  • James Griffin Boswell (1882 – 1952), American businessman
  • John Boswell (1947 – 1994), American historian and Yale professor
  • Ken Boswell (born 1946), American baseball player
  • Kenneth Boswell, New Zealand rower
  • Kris Boswell, Swedish radio personality
  • Leonard Boswell (born 1934), American politician
  • Lewis Archer Boswell (1834 – 1909), aviation pioneer
  • Mark Boswell (born 1977), Canadian athlete
  • Ron Boswell (born 1940), Australian politician
  • Scott Boswell (born 1974), English cricketer
  • Thomas Boswell (born 1958), Washington Post sports columnist
  • Tim Boswell (born 1942), British politician

Or the family group:

  • The Boswell Sisters, American singers (sisters Martha, 1905 – 1958; Connee, 1907 – 1976; Helvetia aka "Vet", 1911 – 1988)

And see also:

  • the Boswell family, Kings of the Gypsies
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Famous quotes containing the word boswell:

    He asked me whether I would not go with him to his house; I declined it, from an apprehension that my spirits would sink. We bade adieu to each other affectionately in the carriage. When he had got down upon the foot-pavement, he called out, “Fare you well;” and without looking back, sprung away with a kind of pathetick briskness, if I may use that expression, which seemed to indicate a struggle to conceal uneasiness, and impressed me with a foreboding of our long, long separation.
    —James Boswell (1740–1795)