Borel Summation

Borel Summation

Borel, then an unknown young man, discovered that his summation method gave the 'right' answer for many classical divergent series. He decided to make a pilgrimage to Stockholm to see Mittag-Leffler, who was the recognized lord of complex analysis. Mittag-Leffler listened politely to what Borel had to say and then, placing his hand upon the complete works by Weierstrass, his teacher, he said in Latin, 'The Master forbids it'.

Mark Kac, quoted by Reed & Simon (1978, p. 38)

In mathematics, Borel summation is a summation method for divergent series, introduced by Émile Borel (1899). There are several variations of this method that are also called Borel summation, and a generalization of it called Mittag-Leffler summation.

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