Boom Boom Pow - Remixes


The official remix of the song is titled "Let The Beat Rock - Boys Noize Remix". The track is produced by Boys Noize and there are a total of five versions of the song. These remixes credit recording to Pardraic Kerin and mixing to Dylan "3-D" Dresdow. The official remix features 50 Cent, and is structured like so: 50 Cent's verse goes first, then's first new verse, then Fergie, later the chorus, Fergie's first verse is repeated, then's second verse, later the chorus, Fergie's first verse is repeated, and Taboo's verse from the original were used, then Fergie's second verse, later the chorus, and the song ends with saying "POW". The song only lasts 4:30.

A "Megamix" version was also very popular, and is structured like so:'s verse from the first version goes first, then 50's verse, later the chorus, then Fergie's, then's new second verse, later the chorus, Fergie's first verse is repeated, later the chorus, and the song ends. The song only lasts 3:29. The megamix version features Gucci Mane. A third version features Flo Rida, a fourth version is a mash-up of the 50 Cent Remix and the Gucci Mane Remix, and a fifth version is remixed by Busta Rhymes and Fatman Scoop. A remix by DJ Ammo and A Poet Named Life is played in the ending credits of the 2009 Summer blockbuster film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. At the 2009 American Music Awards, the guitar riff of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana was played after the performance of this song. Another remix of this song was made by David Guetta, titled " David Guetta's Electro Hop Remix". On the fourth season of America's Best Dance Crew, a District 78 remix of the song was used for the sudden death challenge on the first episode, in the dance-off between Beat Ya Feet Kings, Southern Movement, and Fr3sh. Fr3sh was eliminated. In 2009, Jeffree Star created a remix with more explicit lyrics, that was originally available as a free download. The original download link no longer works; however, many videos of live performances are available.

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