Booking may refer to:

  • Booking (comics), a Korean comics anthology magazine published by Haksan
  • Booking (professional wrestling), the laying out of the plot before a professional wrestling match
  • An accounting system a.k.a. double-entry bookkeeping system
  • The process of creation by a criminal justice system of an administrative record of those arrested
  • The process of matching musicians or other performing artists with performance opportunities, by a talent agency, a.k.a. booking agency
  • A reservation in the tourism and hospitality industries
  • The informal term for cautioning a player, in association football and several other sports, indicated by a yellow card
  • The practice of forced socialization in Korean clubs such as Le Prive, in which waiters entice female patrons to other tables of men
  • A slang term for running or fleeing
  • Recording a loan into a loan servicing system
  • In Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step fellowships: A methodology for working the 12 steps