Boeing Skyfox - Operational History

Operational History

The first Skyfox converted was an ex-Canadian Forces CT-133, the Canadian license-built equivalent of the T-33 which were formerly a Silver Star 3AT (Armament Trainer). This particular aircraft was produced in 1958, had construction number T.33-160 and serial number RCAF21160. It was struck-off charge on 10 November 1970 and was sold through Crown Assets Disposal Corporation to Leroy Penhall/Fighter Imports in 1973. It was then sold to Murray McCormick Aerial Surveys in 1975. Its next owner was Consolidated Leasing in 1977.

The Skyfox was sold to the Skyfox Corporation, carrying the U.S. civilian registration number of N221SF, on 14 January 1983 and went to the Flight Test Research in August 1983. After conversion to the Skyfox configuration it flew its first flight as the Skyfox prototype on 23 August 1983, nearly 35.5 years after the first flight of the T-33. Race and test pilot Skip Holm performed the initial flight test at the Mojave Airport, California. The Skyfox prototype was white overall, with black cheat lines, and a very pale blue trim.

The Skyfox Corporation was not able to find any buyers for the aircraft, despite its price and capability. However, in 1986, Boeing Military Aircraft Company saw potential, and purchased the marketing and production rights. Even though Portugal signed a letter of intent for 20 conversion kits, no other nation signed on, and faced with a lack of customers, Boeing cancelled the project. The prototype aircraft remains the only Skyfox built. As of June 2008, the prototype is parked on the flightline at Rogue Valley International (MFR) in Medford, Oregon without engines.

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