Bob Berryhill

Bob Berryhill (born 1947) is a founding member of The Surfaris and co-writer, recording artist of "Wipe Out" and other Surfaris' hits. In 1960, when Bob was 13 he took a trip to the Hawaiian Islands and learned to surf and play ukulele. On returning to California, he began working seriously on guitar and two years later, "Wipe Out" was born. His role of rhythm guitar merged into lead guitar, and he is the only original member who still actively plays today as The Surfaris.

Bob Berryhill said: "Ronnie loved Scottish marches and sometimes played with our high school Tartan marching band. That came into play coupled with my suggestion of bongo rock-type breaks for an arrangement, a drum-solo type of song with a simple guitar melody. Ronnie started playing the famous Wipe Out solo and in about ten minutes we had the song together."

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