Blue Police

Blue Police

The Blue Police, more correctly translated as The Navy-Blue Police (Polish: Granatowa policja) was the popular name of the collaborationist police in the German occupied area of the Second Polish Republic, known as General Government during the Second World War. The official name of the organization was Polish Police of the General Government (German: Polnische Polizei im Generalgouvernement, Polish: Policja Polska Generalnego Gubernatorstwa).

It was created by Nazi Germany as an auxiliary paramilitary police force in order to keep law and order in the General Government part of occupied Poland. Similar police organizations existed in all of the occupied countries (see Hilfspolizei). Initially used to deal with purely criminal activities, the Blue Police was later used to also prevent smuggling, and to police the Jewish population in the ghettos. The ethnic composition of the police was not composed exclusively out of Polish people, but rather simply out of volunteers of the local population. It was liquidated and declared officially disbanded by the Polish Committee of National Liberation on 27 August 1944.

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