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Other Media

  • A Blue Meanie was seen in Lemon Demon's online video Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.
  • A Blue Meanie was in the South Park Imaginationland trilogy amongst the good creatures.
  • Blue Meanies were featured in the film Across the Universe doing a dance with Mr. Kite.
  • Mad Mod transformed into a stylized "Union-Jack" Chief-like blue meanie temporarily during an episode of Teen Titans. He did this just after adjusting his rectangular sunglasses, suggesting some kind of hidden shape-shifting ability.
  • Robot Chicken did a spoof of the movie The Hunt for Red October in the episode Due to Constraints of Time and Budget where a Blue Meanie submarine is trying to defect.
  • Pro Wrestler, Brian Heffron, uses the ring name "The Blue Meanie" and his hometown is billed as "Pepperland." He also uses face paint to mimic the black outline around the eyes of the animated blue meanies.

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