Bloomer may refer to:

  • Bloomer, a type of loaf of bread - a crusty loaf with rounded ends, and typically with several parallel diagonal slashes across its top
  • Bloomers (clothing), a type of clothing for women
  • Bloomer (occupation), an Old English name for ironworker
  • Bloomer (locomotive), an early British railway locomotive
  • Amelia Bloomer, advocate of women's rights and temperance
  • Matthew Bloomer, footballer
  • Steve Bloomer, footballer
  • Bloomer Bloomfield, nickname for American astronaut Michael J. Bloomfield
Places in the United States
  • Bloomer, California, unincorporated community
  • Bloomer, Indiana, unincorporated community
  • Bloomer, Wisconsin, city
  • Bloomer (town), Wisconsin
  • Bloomer Township, Michigan
  • Bloomer Township, Marshall County, Minnesota
Other uses
  • Bloomer Girl, a 1944 Broadway musical
  • Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad, serving east-central Illinois

Famous quotes containing the word bloomer:

    I feel no more like a man now than I did in long skirts, unless it be that enjoying more freedom and cutting off the fetters is to be like a man. I suppose in that respect we are more mannish, for we know that in dress, as in all things else, we have been and are slaves, while man in dress and all things else is free.
    —Amelia Bloomer (1818–1894)