Blind Date (1987 Film) - Cast


  • Kim Basinger as Nadia Gates
  • Bruce Willis as Walter Davis
  • John Larroquette as David Bedford
  • William Daniels as Judge Harold Bedford
  • George Coe as Harry Gruen
  • Mark Blum as Denny Gordon
  • Phil Hartman as Ted Davis
  • Stephanie Faracy as Susie Davis
  • Alice Hirson as Muriel Bedford
  • Stanley Jordan as himself
  • Graham Stark as Jordan the Butler
  • Joyce Van Patten as Nadia's Mother
  • Barry Sobel as Gas Station Attendant
  • Armin Shimerman as French Waiter
  • Brian George as Maitre d'
  • Dick Durock as Bouncer
  • Sab Shimono as Mr. Yakamoto
  • Momo Yashima as Mrs. Yakamoto

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