Blacks and Whites' Carnival - The Artisans or Carnival Cultores

The Artisans or Carnival Cultores

The term "Carnival Cultores" is a neologism in evolution that links the terms "Culture" and "Actors", and identified in the first place to the traditional "Carnival Artisans", but wanted to be extend to other people participating in parades through other modalities.

Traditionally has been used the word artisan to describe first, the creators of the floats, ignoring their families and partners involved in the preparation of the figures of Great Parade. However, various sectors support this word must be replaced by "Cultores" or "Carnival Artists", not only for being more inclusive, but also due to the professional and artistic value of work performed into finishing floats.

Currently the Carnival Cultores are organized into two major associations: Asoarca and Caminantes del Carnaval (Carnival Walkers), the first one comprises mainly the creators of the floats, while the second belong to partipantes in walking patterns.

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