Birmingham Brummies

Birmingham Brummies are a British speedway team, who were reformed in 2006 and then accepted into the Premier League in 2007. The club race at Perry Barr Stadium (originally the home of Birchfield Harriers).

Birmingham had 2 teams in the Southern League of the inaugurul season of British Speedway in 1929. One based at Perry Barr Stadium and one based at Hall Green Stadium. The Hall Green team, known during their time as Birmingham Bulldogs, closed in 1938. Speedway continued at Perry Barr Stadium until 1983 before moving to Bordesley Green until closing in 1986.

The first meeting of the new era, the Alan Hunt Memorial, took place on 21 March 2007. In a successful first season the team finished in second place in the league table, and runner-up in the Premier Trophy and the Young Shield, despite having only two members of their own team actually fit to ride.

Birmingham Brummies were accepted into the Elite League for 2011 and finished their first season in ninth place out of ten. Ahead of their second season in the top flight of British speedway they retained the services of the previous season's star performers Danny King and Ben Barker as well as adding Speedway Grand Prix star Bjarne Pedersen. Although Pedersen's time at Birmingham was an unhappy one the team made a big improvement on their first season in the Elite League, finishing in 3rd place and achieving a spot in the play-off's.

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