Bill Brasky - Sketches


  1. "Airport" (January 20, 1996) Bill Brasky Buddies: Alec Baldwin, Will Ferrell (as Hank), David Koechner, Mark McKinney, Tim Meadows
  2. "Holiday Inn" (March 16, 1996) Bill Brasky Buddies: John Goodman (as Ted), Will Ferrell (as Hank), David Koechner, Mark McKinney, Tim Meadows
  3. "Funeral" (February 22, 1997) Bill Brasky Buddies: Alec Baldwin, Will Ferrell (as Hank), Mark McKinney, Tim Meadows. With Ana Gasteyer as a Mourner.
    • Took place at "McKay Funeral Home", a reference to the sketch's writer, Adam McKay.
  4. "Little League" (May 10, 1997) Bill Brasky Buddies: John Goodman, Will Ferrell (as Hank), Mark McKinney, Tim Meadows. With Ana Gasteyer as a Parent.
    • The original live broadcast of this sketch was severely truncated, with the last 2–3 minutes of the sketch being cut off. Shortly before the closing shot with the forced-perspective shot of Brasky, the three Brasky Buddies can be seen struggling through their lines, presumably due to lack of cue cards. After the sketch ended, there was an impromptu 45-second shot of the SNL band to fill time, before the last commercial break and goodnights. It is unknown why this sketch was cut short, but it is likely because there was a time discrepancy. There was only about 45 seconds in the goodnights, which would explain why the last few minutes of the sketch were abruptly cut off. In reruns, this edition of the sketch was replaced with the full-length dress rehearsal version.
  5. "Bull & Bear" (December 12, 1998) Bill Brasky Buddies: Alec Baldwin, John Goodman (as Ted), Will Ferrell (as Hank). With Ana Gasteyer and Andy Murphy as patrons.
  6. "Coffee Break" (unaired) (October 25, 1997) Bill Brasky Buddies: Chris Farley (as Frank), Will Ferrell (as Hank), Norm Macdonald.
    • The unaired dress rehearsal was released on Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley. During the rehearsal, Farley's large fake teeth fall out twice and he later stumbles over his lines. This sketch was cut after dress rehearsal and never made it into the live show. However, Farley utters the sole Brasky factoid in the episode: "Did you know that he once took a bubble bath with Bruce Jenner?"

While there have been no further actual Bill Brasky sketches, a sketch called "Mr. Willoughby" appeared on the January 14, 2006 episode of SNL and followed a very similar format. Framed as a trailer for a movie based on a lost Jane Austen novel of the same title, the sketch featured Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey and host Scarlett Johansson as a trio of Victorian sisters rhapsodizing about one Mr. Willoughby, "the most eligible bachelor in all of Upper Cornholeshire." Like the Brasky Buddies' stories, the sisters' descriptions of Willoughby steadily grow more and more bizarre, and they recount even the most repugnant facts ("His teeth are like sharp pieces of corn!") with an attitude of lovestruck awe. At several points the three sisters sigh, "Mr. Willoughby!" in unison, much like the Brasky Buddies' periodic toasts of "To Bill Brasky!"

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