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Cultural References

  • The band The Dukes of Stratosphear, an alter ego for XTC, released a song called "Brainiac's Daughter" on their 1987 album Psonic Psunspot. The lyrics include references to the bottled city of Kandor and the Daily Planet. Songwriter Andy Partridge has said of the song: "Right, well, Brainiac is the character in the Superman comics, the evil genius with the green skin and the sort of lightbulb screwed in his head. He was like a Martian Lex Luthor and I thought he'd be a wonderful psychedelic subject to write about, and his potential daughter: I do not think he had one but if he had she would have been, well, colorful, mauve and purple." This reference eventually came full circle when Alex Ross and Mark Waid created a background character named "Brainiac's Daughter" in the 1996 limited series Kingdom Come. The band Royal recorded a cover version of the song for the 2006 compilation album Sound of Superman, released by Rhino Records in conjunction with the opening of the movie Superman Returns.
  • In the list of people "playing" in the song "The Intro and the Outro" by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Brainiac is on banjo.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Leonard tried to impress Penny by showing her the miniature replica of Kandor and mentions Brainiac.
  • In the TV show, ChalkZone, The Crainiacs act similar to Brainiac.

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