Big City (comics) - Alternative Versions

Alternative Versions

The character has been depicted in various out-of-continuity stories, such as the JLA: Earth 2 one-shot, where he is an organic—but still villainous—lifeform, having tricked the Justice League of America and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika into switching worlds so that they are each trapped in realities where they cannot win, only to be defeated when the League deliberately walk away so that the Syndicate can return in time to stop him. In the Amalgam Comics line, which was a joint venture between DC and Marvel Comics, readers are introduced to Galactiac, a combination of Brainiac and Marvel Comics antagonist Galactus. Brainiac also appears in The Dark Knight Strikes Again where he is allied with Lex Luthor and blackmailing various superheroes to obey them before he is destroyed by Kara, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman and the population of Kandor, as well as Superman: Red Son, JLA: Shogun of Steel, and The Last Days of Krypton novel by author Kevin J. Anderson.

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