Bible College

Bible College

Bible colleges are undergraduate institutions that prepare students for Church ministry with theological education, Biblical studies and practical ministry training.

The Association for Biblical Higher Education asserts that "there are more than 1,200 Bible schools and colleges in the United States and Canada," and that Bible colleges produce "a large percentage of North American evangelical missionaries and serve as a primary training center for local church leadership." The South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges claims that "more than fifty per cent of all Protestant missionaries in the world today are graduates of the Bible Colleges." According to, there are over 300 accredited Bible colleges in the United States of America as of November 2012.

There are around 200 postsecondary Bible institutions throughout North America that are affiliated with the Association for Biblical Higher Education. In 1997, there were 400 Bible colleges, representing 31,000 students, in the USA and Canada. There are over 1,200 post secondary Bible institutes in North America. Moody Bible Institute was one of the first Bible institutes.

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