BHS may refer to:

  • Baggage handling system, a type of conveyor system installed in airports
  • Barbershop Harmony Society, the first of several organizations to promote and preserve barbershop music as an art form
  • Beck Hopelessness Scale, a psychological test
  • British Home Stores, a British retailer
  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, a 1977 edition of the Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Bible as preserved in the Leningrad Codex
  • Bratislavské hudobné slávnosti (Bratislava Music Festival), a major Slovak musical event
  • British Horse Society, a membership-based equine charity
  • Brooklyn Historical Society, a museum, library, and educational center
  • Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit, a modern linguistic category
  • The Bahamas' country code
  • Bahamasair's ICAO code
  • Borough High Street, a main street in Southwark, London

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