Bezirksliga Schwaben-Nord

The Bezirksliga Schwaben-Nord is fed by the following Kreisligas.

  • Kreisliga Schwaben-Nord
  • Kreisliga Schwaben-West
  • Kreisliga Schwaben-Ost

Without doubt the greatest player ever to play in the Bezirksliga Schwaben-Nord was the legendary Gerd Müller. In his last season before signing with FC Bayern Munich in 1963–64 he scored 51 goals in 31 matches for his hometown club TSV 1861 Nördlingen and helped them win promotion!

In 2008–09, the FC Schrobenhausen, league champion in 2006–07 and Schwaben Cup finalist in 2008, failed to win or draw any of their league games and scored only five goals in 30 games, while conceding 223.

With the league reform at the end of the 2011–12 season, which included an expansion of the number of Landesligas from three to five, the Bezirksoberligas were disbanded. Instead, the Bezirksligas took the place of the Bezirksoberligas once more below the Landesligas.

The following qualifying modus applied at the end of the 2011–12 season:

  • Champions: Promotion round to the Landesliga, winners to the Landesliga, losers to the Bezirksliga.
  • Teams placed 2nd to 7th: Remain in the Bezirksliga.
  • Teams placed 8th to 13th: Three additional Bezirksliga places to be determined in a play-off round, winners to the Bezirksliga, losers to the Kreisliga.
  • Teams placed 14th to 16th: Directly relegated to Kreisliga.

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