Bettendorf High School

Bettendorf High School (BHS) is a four-year comprehensive high school located in Bettendorf, Iowa. Roughly 100 instructors teach more than 1500 students using a four-period block daily schedule with 85 minute blocks, BHS also offers classes as 40 minutes skinny's which meet all year for 40 minutes each day.

Bettendorf High School
Bettendorf High front view from 18th Street
Bettendorf, Iowa, USA
Coordinates 41°33′23″N 90°29′51″W / 41.5565°N 90.4975°W / 41.5565; -90.4975Coordinates: 41°33′23″N 90°29′51″W / 41.5565°N 90.4975°W / 41.5565; -90.4975
Type Public secondary school
Established 1951
Principal Jimmy Casas
Faculty 100
Grades 9–12
Number of students 1,445
School Colour(s) black
Mascot Bulldog
Website School website

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