Bettelheim - People


  • Leopold (Meyer Léb) Bettelheim (1777–1838), Hungarian physician (hu)
    • Sámuel Bettelheim (19th-c., Galgóc), Hungarian physician, politician (hu) ∞ Éva Bettelheim (19th-c.), Hungarian female Hebraist, Talmudist (hu)
  • József Lipót Bettelheim (19th-c., Pozsony), Hungarian physician (hu)
  • Lipót Bettelheim (19th-c.), Hungarian rabbi (hu)
  • Mózes Bettelheim (19th-c.), a Jewish community president (hu)
  • Bernard Jean Bettelheim (Hungarian: Bettelheim John Barnardé; 1811, Pozsony - 1870, Brookfield, Missouri), Hungarian Jewish Christian missionary
  • Rosalie Bettelheim (1832, Budapest - 1892, Baden bei Wien), wife of Adolf Jellinek
  • Jacob Bettelheim (pseudonym: Karl Tellheim; 1841, Vienna - 1909, Berlin), an Austrian-German dramatist
  • Karl Bettelheim (1840, Pozsony - 1895, Vienna), Hungarian-Austrian physician (hu)
  • Albert (Aaron) Siegfried Bettelheim, or simply Aaron S. B. (1830–1890), a Hungarian rabbi and Hebraist, journalist
    • Felix Albert Bettelheim (1861, Hlohovec - 1890, Baltimore, Md.), a Hungarian physician and surgeon acted in Panama
  • ?
    • Caroline von Gomperz-Bettelheim (Hungarian: Bettelheim-Gomperz Caroline; 1845, Pest - December 13, 1925, Vienna), Hungarian-Austrian court singer ∞ Julius von Gomperz (1824–1909)
    • Anton Bettelheim (1851, Vienna - 1930), a Hungarian-Austrian author, literary critic, journalist
  • Henri Bettelheim, a Viennese Jew
    • Charles Bettelheim (1913, Paris - 2006), Austrian-French socialist economist
  • Bruno Bettelheim (1903–1990), Austrian psychologist
  • Oszkár Betlen (Bettelheim) (1909, Pozsony - 1969, Budapest), Hungarian journalist, historian (hu)
  • Mildred Constantine Bettelheim (1913, Brooklyn, New York - 2008), an American curator
  • Frederick Bettelheim (1923–2004), Hungarian-born biochemist
Other members
  • Adolf Bettelheim (Hungarian: Bettelheim Adolf)
  • Ernst Bettelheim, a Budapest lawyer
  • Mór Bettelhelm, Hungarian banker
  • Richard Bettelheim
  • Samu Bettelheim, Hungarian writer
  • Adriel Bettelheim, American journalist

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