Best Foot Forward (musical) - Synopsis


High school comedy: Just for fun, young student Bud Hooper asks his idol, Hollywood actress Gale Joy, to come to Philadelphia to be his partner at a dance. His school is Winsocki Military Academy. Jack Haggerty, the actress' manager in Hollywood, sees an opportunity for special publicity and advises Gale to accept Bud's invitation. The appearance of the famous star at Winsocki is greeted with excitement, and Bud abandons his own girl Helen Schlessinger to accompany Gale to the ball. Out of jealousy, Helen damages Gale's sash while she is dancing, which causes a riot. Others begin to tear off pieces of Gale's clothes as well, but only to gain souvenirs from the famous star. As the school regards the incident as a scandal, Bud is now in danger of being expelled from school, as he has caused all this. Gale Joy and Jack Haggerty try to avoid furore and immediately go back to Hollywood. After Bud and Helen settle their arguments and any other problems are solved, everything at Winsocki goes back to normal.

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