Bessemer may refer to:

  • Bessemer process, a method of making steel
  • Henry Bessemer, the inventor of the Bessemer process
  • SS Bessemer, a Victorian experimental paddle steamer
Place names

In Canada:

  • Bessemer, Ontario

In the United States:

  • Bessemer, Alabama
    • Bessemer Airport
    • Bessemer Civic Center
  • Bessemer, Colorado
  • Bessemer, Michigan
  • Bessemer Township, Michigan
  • Bessemer City, North Carolina
  • Bessemer, Pennsylvania (disambiguation), several places
  • Bessemer Bend, Wyoming
  • Fictitious town in Upstate New York in David Stout's novel The Night of the Ice Storm
Other uses
  • Bessemer Historical Society in Pueblo, Colorado
  • Bessemer Trust, a wealth management and investment advisory firm
  • Bessemer Venture Partners, a global venture capital and growth equity firm
  • Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad, a major carrier of iron ore to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Lindsay Goldberg & Bessemer, a private equity investment firm associated with Bessemer Securities
  • Bessemer was one of the GWR 3031 Class locomotives that were built for and run on the Great Western Railway between 1891 and 1915, formerly named Rougemont before 1898.