Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw may refer to:

  • George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950), Irish playwright
  • Bernard Shaw (footballer pre 1900), English footballer who played in the 1890s
  • Bernard Shaw (footballer) (born 1945), English footballer of the 1960-70s
  • Bernard Shaw (journalist) (born 1940), journalist and longtime CNN anchorman
  • Bernie Shaw (born 1966), singer for the band Uriah Heep

Famous quotes by bernard shaw:

    As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.
    —George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    The heretic is always better dead. And mortal eyes cannot distinguish the saint from the heretic.
    —George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    Bible worship, though at its best it may achieve sublimity by keeping its head in the skies, may also make itself both ridiculous and dangerous by having its feet off the ground.
    —George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    A man’s interest in the world is only the overflow from his interest in himself. When you are a child your vessel is not yet full; so you care for nothing but your own affairs. When you grow up, your vessel overflows; and you are a politician, a philosopher, or an explorer and adventurer. In old age the vessel dries up: there is no overflow: you are a child again.
    —George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing.
    —George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)