Bentley Priory

Bentley Priory was a medieval priory or cell of Augustinian Canons in Harrow Weald, then in Middlesex but now in the London Borough of Harrow. There are no remains of the priory, but it probably stood near Priory House, off Clamp Hill.

Roman remains have been found in the grounds of the priory. The name 'Bentley' is thought to derive from 'beonet', a kind of coarse grass.

Famous quotes containing the words bentley and/or priory:

    He followed in his father’s footsteps, but his gait was somewhat erratic.
    —Nicolas Bentley (1907–1978)

    Blessing turned to blasphemies,
    Holy deeds to despites.

    Sin is where our Lady sat,
    Heaven turned is to hell,
    Sathan sits where our Lord did sway,
    Walsingham, Oh farewell!
    —Unknown. A Lament for the Priory of Walsingham (l. 39–44)