Benefit or Benefits may refer to:

  • Benefit concert, any activity performed for a charitable purpose
  • Benefit (album), a 1970 album by Jethro Tull
  • "Benefits" (How I Met Your Mother), a 2009 episode of the show How I Met Your Mother
  • Benefit (sports), a match or season of activities granted by a sporting body to a loyal sportsman to boost their income before retirement
  • Economic benefit, the positive contribution to national product (or other measure of value) from an economic activity or project: see Cost-benefit analysis or Benefits realisation management
  • Employee benefit, a non-monetary employment compensation
  • Health benefit (disambiguation)
  • Legal benefit, an element of the benefit-detriment theory of consideration
  • Money, goods or services provided by a social welfare program, including:
    • Federal benefits, as provided by the United States federal government to its citizens
    • United Kingdom pensions and benefits
  • The Benefit Company, a financial company linking Bahrain's local banks together, as well as neighboring countries.

Famous quotes containing the word benefit:

    Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It’s a bum’s life.... The principal benefit acting has afforded me is the money to pay for my psychoanalysis.
    Marlon Brando (b. 1924)

    We do not marry for ourselves, whatever we say; we marry just as much or more for our posterity, for our family. The practice and benefit of marriage concerns our race very far beyond us.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    When a Benefit is wrongly conferred, the author of the Benefit may often be said to injure.
    Plato (c. 427–347 B.C.)