BEM may refer to:

  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, an organization in the fictional X-Men universe
  • Bug-eyed monster, a stock character in science fiction
  • Birdseye maple, a type of wood
  • Black-eared Miner, an endangered bird species from Australia
  • Bordeaux École de Management, a management school in Bordeaux, France
  • Borneo Evangelical Mission, a Christian missionary organisation
  • Boundary Element Method, a numerical analysis method using computation
  • British Empire Medal, a British medal awarded for meritorious civil or military service
  • Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (the Lima-Document of 1982)
  • Brevet état-major, a military diploma in France and Belgium.

Bem is also a personal name that may refer to:

  • Bem Le Hunte (born 1964), an author who has published internationally
  • Daryl Bem, a noted social psychologist at Cornell University
  • Józef Bem (1794 – 1850), a Polish general and a national hero of Poland and Hungary
  • Sandra Bem (born 1944), a Pennsylvanian psychologist known for many of her works in androgyny
  • Bernie Mireault (born 1961), a pen name of a French-Canadian comic book artist and writer

Bem is also a name used in fiction to refer to:

  • "Bem", an episode of the animated television series Star Trek
  • Bem, one of the minor characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series), a race of aliens in the possession of anti-robotic technology
  • Rev Bem, a fictional character in the television series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

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