Belle River Canadiens - Clarence Schmalz Cup Appearances

Clarence Schmalz Cup Appearances

1985: Belle River Canadiens defeated Midland Centennials 4-games-to-1
1990: Orangeville Crushers defeated Belle River Canadiens 4-games-to-3
1992: Belle River Canadiens defeated Stayner Siskins 4-games-to-2
1994: Belle River Canadiens defeated Rockton Real McCoys 4-games-to-none
1995: Belle River Canadiens defeated Bowmanville Eagles 4-games-to-none
1997: Glanbrook Rangers defeated Belle River Canadiens 4-games-to-2
2000: Lakefield Chiefs defeated Belle River Canadiens 4-games-to-2
2001: Chippawa Riverhawks defeated Belle River Canadiens 4-games-to-1
2010: Alliston Hornets defeated Belle River Canadiens 4-games-to-2

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