Belarus Free Theatre - Educational Project

Educational Project

In late 2008 thanks to the financial support of the British Embassy in Belarus the Belarus Free Theatre launched an educational project named “Studio Fortinbras”, destined to young Belarusians without theatre experience. In the framework of this project Natalia Koliada and Nikolai Khalezin are themselves lecturers in marketing, management and dramaturgy. The declared aim of the studio is the “forming of universal creator: a person who will know how to do everything – write, stage, perform – and will be able to propose the realization of his artistic product in any country of the world”. It is specified that “the Belarusian “Free theatre” is only interested in education of personnel who will work exclusively inside its own collective”. In December 2009 the managers of the theatre announced a new recruitment in the studio, having declared, that out of 30 students admitted from the beginning of the project “Fortinbras” almost all of them were “eliminated”. According to the information, which has not been reflected in secondary sources, the majority of students of the “Fortinbras” project left the studio of free will because of the relationship student-teacher imposed by the directors of the «Free theatre». Natalia Koliada and Nikolai Khalezin do not have any professional education in disciplines and subjects which they are lecturing. Natalia Koliada has graduated from the Department of history of the Belarusian pedagogic university, she has also attended scientologist courses of management in Moscow and graduated from the unaccredited “American Hubbard College of Administration” that teaches administration using methods developed by Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Nikolai Khalezin does not have any higher nor any special education in the field of stage direction, dramaturgy or acting technique. International professionals in theatre marketing, management and dramaturgy come to Minsk with workshops. Apart from that Belarus Free Theatre holds educational workshops on contemporary theatre abroad.

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