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The Lions play at the newly renovated BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia. BC Place underwent an over 500 million dollar renovation after the 2010 CFL season, the renovation was completed in October 2011. BC Place has been described as one of the most beautiful stadiums in all of North America and the Crown Jewel of the CFL. TSN analyst and former CFL star Chris Schultz said the following about BC Place: "The newly renovated stadium is sensory overload. The first thing you notice is how bright and filled with natural light the place is. Then you notice how it changes colours constantly as advertising bands that ring the stadium cycle. I think I experienced every colour imaginable, and some combinations of colours that I had never imagined. And yes, the new building is loud. But I like loud. I have always liked loud music, crowds, traffic and so on. Loud wakes me up, silence puts me to sleep. Then there is the field. The field is perfect, almost surreal in its perfection. And the jumbo-tron scoreboard hanging above is hypnotic. I was fortunate enough to be at Cowboys Stadium on Monday and B.C. Place on Friday. In physical size, the scoreboard in Dallas is second to none. But the one in B.C. Place is definitely a close second. Both are massive and crystal clear. The seats are new as well. Gone are the old light blue ones. The new ones are a mix of light burgundy, red and grey patterned with a purpose that I have I have yet to figure out. The roof is a marvel of technology. When I was at Cowboys Stadium I understood why students study architecture. B.C. place made me understand why students study engineering."

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