Battle of Sidi-Brahim - Legacy


The extreme bravery shown by the battalion led to its being nicknamed the battalion of Sidi-Brahim and the battle being written up among its battle honours. However, according to Gilles Manceron, the soldiers "were led in quite an inconsiderate manner" by colonel de Montagnac "whose writings boast, with no remorse, of several war crimes". The expression "faire Sidi Brahim" became a motto of the chasseurs. During the First World War, the 7th Battalion of Chasseurs Alpins took a German pass for several days and, lacking munitions, managed to repulse the German attack with stones. There the chasseurs won the nickname "schwarzen Teufel" (black devils), which later became "blue devils", which they still use. The insignia of the 7th is a devil (representing them and their Sidi Brahim) in a hunting horn (representing the chasseurs).

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