Baton may refer to:

In stick-like objects:

  • Baton (conducting), a short thin stick used for directing a musical performance
  • Baton, a type of club (weapon)
    • Baton (law enforcement)
    • Baton charge, a coordinated tactic for dispersing crowds of people,
  • Baton (running), an object transferred by runners in a relay race
  • Baton (symbol), a symbolic attribute of military or other office
  • Baton (twirling), a light metal rod used for keeping time, twirling, and juggling in marching band and parade performances
  • Baton sinister, a mark of cadency in heraldry
  • Baton, a smaller version of a baguette
  • Baton, in stick juggling, the central stick, which is manipulated with the side-sticks (control sticks)
  • Baton, another name for the suit of wands in the Italian and French tarot decks

In other uses:

  • BATON, a Type 1 block cipher, used by the United States to secure all types of classified information
  • Baton Bob, a costumed street performer currently based in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Baton Broadcasting, a Canadian broadcaster, now owned by CTVglobemedia
  • Baton Broadcasting System, a defunct television system owned by Baton Broadcasting Inc.
  • "Baton Bunny", a Bugs Bunny cartoon of the Looney Tunes series produced in 1958
  • BATON Overlay or Balanced Tree Over-lay Network, a distributed tree structure for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems
  • Baton Records, a record label
  • Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana, USA