Bart Sears

Bart Whitman Sears is an American artist and author, originally from Syracuse, New York.

Sears has lent his unique style and creative ideas to multiple industries, including but not limited to: Comics (Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Valiant Comics, etc.), Toys, and Computer Games. He is also widely known for his informative educational series Brutes & Babes (monthly lessons on the art of drawing comics) featured in early issues of Wizard Magazine, which many professional artists cite as a motivating factor in pursuing art as their career of choice.


Management: Sears has managed and directed teams of creative individuals throughout his career, from running his own companies, to being the Art Director for CrossGeneration comics, to being the Creative Director and driving force behind Ominous Studios.

Computer Games: Sears worked in-house for Heatwave Interactive (2008–2010) creating concept art and IP Story for several properties as well as developing in-game assets for multiple games across various platforms before launching Ominous Studios, Inc. Through Ominous Studios, Inc., Sears has created and directed the production of concept art and assets for many game developers and studios.

Comics and Cards: Sears’ unique style and dynamic layouts have been featured in comics for every major imprint and many independent publishers for over 25 years. Highlights include critically acclaimed runs on Justice League Europe, Legends of the Dark Knight, X-O Manowar, Turok, Violator (#1 comic of 1994) and The Helm (#1 pick in the Young Adult Library Services Association (YASLA), a division of the American Library Association- Top Ten Graphic Novels for Teens 2010).

Toys: Sears has designed many toy figures and their packaging over the years, most notably for Hasbro the C.O.P.S., G.I. Joe, and World Wrestling Federation toy lines as well as many of the early X-Men Action Figures for ToyBiz.

Teaching, Books and Educational Materials: Sears has taught at The Kubert School and is also the author of the well known monthly series Brutes and Babes that was featured in Wizard Magazine as well as the How-To book ‘Drawing Powerful Comics: Volume One’ which has achieved a cult status. The popular Brutes and Babes series is available via Ominous Studios, Inc. website and Drawing Power is currently being revised through Ominous Studios, Inc. for a new, revised edition release and will be followed with a fresh series of books devoted to different aspects of creating dynamic art and content across multiple mediums.

Currently: Sears is the creative force behind Ominous Studios, Inc. The company specializes in IP creation and Transmedia Development. Ominous Studios has several Intellectual Properties in development, creating assets that range from screenplays and comics (graphic storytelling presented in multiple medias) to toys and video game design and development.