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  • Bart (magazine), a discontinued Japanese magazine
  • "Barts" is the frequently used abbreviation for St Bartholomew's Hospital in the City of London
  • Bart. is an abbreviation for the peerage title Baronet
  • Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
  • The title of an album made by the electronic improvisation duo Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler, on Erstwhile Records
  • BartPE, an abbreviation of Bart's Preinstalled Environment, a lightweight variant of a Windows operating system
  • Bart, Doubs, a commune in France
  • Typhoon Bart (disambiguation)
  • BART is an acronym for:
    • Bay Area Rapid Transit, a transit agency serving the San Francisco Bay Area
    • Bombardier Advanced Rapid Transit, a Bombardier subsidiary
    • Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School
    • Basic Aerodynamics Research Tunnel, a wind tunnel facility at the NASA Langley Research Center

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