Bad Girl (Madonna Song) - Music Video

Music Video

The video features Madonna as "Louise Oriole" (Madonna's middle name is Louise and Oriole is a street she once lived on), a high-powered Manhattan female executive who is an alcoholic and has a penchant for one-night stands with many different men (from affluent yuppies to shady low-lifes). She behaves this way in order to try to deal with her depression and sadness over a relationship with someone she loves deeply, but ultimately has no future. Through her days, Louise gets distracted by cigarettes, cocktails, and random hook-ups, as lamented in the song's lyrics. Christopher Walken plays her guardian angel, who watches over her activities and delivers Louise with a "kiss of death" before her final encounter with a man, during which she is suggested to have been strangled with pantyhose.

After Ellen von Unwerth and Tim Burton had rejected the offer to direct the music video, it was eventually directed by David Fincher, who worked with Madonna in her videos for "Express Yourself", "Oh Father" and "Vogue", and filmed on location in New York City from January 12–18, 1993. The video also features an uncredited cameo appearance from Matt Dillon, who plays a crime scene cop. Madonna said her idea for the video was influenced by the film "Looking for Mr. Goodbar".

  • Director: David Fincher
  • Producer: Oliver Fuselier
  • Director of Photography: Juan Ruiz-Anchia
  • Editor: Bob Jenkis
  • Production Company: Propaganda Films

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