Bachman may refer to:

  • Bachman Khan (1210–1239 or 1240), a Kimak khan
  • an anglicized spelling of the surname Bachmann:
    • Kurt Bachman, American Musician
    • John Bachman (1790–1874), American naturalist
    • Charlie Bachman (1892–1985), Hall of Fame college football coach
    • Charles Bachman (born 1924), computer scientist and creator of the Bachman diagram
    • Randy Bachman (born 1943), Canadian musician, member of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    • Tal Bachman (born 1970), Canadian musician, son of Randy Bachman
  • Reuben Knecht Bachman (1834–1911), American politician
  • Richard Bachman, a pseudonym used by Stephen King
  • Bachmann knot is often used in mountaineering for ascending on ropes