Australian Capital Territory Department of Territory and Municipal Services

The Territory and Municipal Services Directorate (TAMS) is a Directorate of the Australian Capital Territory Government and delivers a wide range of services that Canberrans rely on every day: for example, recycling and collecting waste, running public libraries and ensuring municipal infrastructure such as streetlights and public barbecues are in good working order.

TAMS is responsible for managing roads, footpaths and cycle paths and operating the public transport system (ACTION) in the ACT.

TAMS also look after the ACT’s parks and reserves, such as Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Namadgi National Park and the reserves that make up Canberra Nature Park.

Canberra Connect, which is the main contact point for ACT Government information, services and payments, is also part of the Directorate.

The Directorate also oversees the management of a number of the ACT Government’s commercial operations, including ACT NOWaste, Capital Linen Service, ACT Public Cemeteries Authority (which includes Woden, Gungahlin and Hall cemeteries), Yarralumla Nursery and ACT Property Group.

The Directorate is responsible to the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury MLA.

The Directorate oversees the Road Ready Centre, an agency of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly that is responsible for driver safety and education. It runs driver education sessions both in and out of schools, driving tests, and driver instruction.

The Director-General of TAMS is currently Gary Byles.

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