Audi Driving Experience

The Audi Driving Experience is a national racing-track based high-performance advanced driving tuition and education programme, initiated by Audi in 1983. Its primary aim is to educate drivers, by using theory and physical "hands-on" tuition, primarily involving the complexities of modern powertrains and chassis electronics found on virtually all of today's cars, with an emphasis on its own Audi cars.

The Audi Driving Experience is structured in a number of tiered programmes, and usually includes practising emergency manoeuvres utilising Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) systems. It also includes the theory and practice of safe high speed handling, and helps demonstrate and educate the abilities of Audis 'trademark' quattro four-wheel drive system. These activities are all carried out in a safe (but realistic) environment, away from public roads/highways, for the aim of learning driving techniques which will become "second-nature" in any potential every-day real-world situations, emergency or otherwise. These learned techniques will be valid irespective of the brand or marque of car driven on public roads.

AUDI AG provides all of the vehicles, along with hospitality at each facility.

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