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AAPB Foundation

The AAPB Foundation was formed in 1985 at the urging of then AAPB president, Neal Miller. He felt that the organization had a mission to continue to support research and clinical applications in an ever broadening field. Miller believed that the organization should encourage the interest and application of work by students to demonstrate the efficacy of biofeedback techniques. Presently, the Foundation annually supports travel scholarships to students whose papers have been accepted for presentation at the annual meeting. Individuals interested in supporting the work of the AAPB Foundation should contact call AAPB at 303-422-8436.

The Foundation for Education and Research in Biofeedback and Related Sciences initiated a new program aimed at stimulating biofeedback research at its 2009 Board meeting. The Board established funding for three grants at $1,000 each. Eligibility is limited to graduate students doing research in biofeedback and related fields. The award is accompanied by a travel scholarship and a waiver of registration to attend the AAPB annual meeting where the results of the research are presented.

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