Assistant Secretary of State For Population, Refugees, and Migration - List of The Directors of The Bureau of Refugee Programs, 1979—1994

List of The Directors of The Bureau of Refugee Programs, 1979—1994

Name Assumed Office Left Office President served under
John A. Baker, Jr. August 26, 1979 October 30, 1980 Jimmy Carter
Frank E. Loy June 1, 1980 January 30, 1981 Jimmy Carter
Richard David Vine January 10, 1982 Sep 17, 1982 Ronald Reagan
James N. Purcell, Jr. June 12, 1983 September 28, 1986 Ronald Reagan
Jonathan Moore March 5, 1987 June 22, 1989 Ronald Reagan
Princeton Lyman September 5, 1989 June 15, 1992 George H. W. Bush
Warren Zimmermann June 15, 1992 March 3, 1994 Bill Clinton

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