Aslian Languages

The Aslian languages are the original languages of the Orang Asli, the aboriginal inhabitants of Malaya and peninsular Thailand, and a branch of the Mon–Khmer languages. Aslian languages recognized by the Malaysian administration include Kensiu, Kintaq, Jehai, Mendriq, Bateg, Che' Wong, Lanoh, Temiar, Semai, Jah Hut, Mah Meri, Semaq Beri, Semelai, and Temoq.

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Aslian Languages - Endangerment and Extinction
... All Aslian languages are endangered as they are spoken by a small group of people, with contributing factors including speaker deaths and linguistic assimilation with the Malay community ... Some efforts are being made to preserve the Aslian Language in Malaysia ... Some radio stations in Malaysia broadcast in Aslian languages, these stations broadcast in Aslian languages for nine hours every day ...

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