Ashmore Park - History


Ashmore Park was originally one of the wooded estates which Lady Wulfruna gave over to St. Peter's Fold in order for it to generate income and food for itself. A moat surrounded farmhouse was built here, sometime in the mid-14th century. Three-quarters of the moat still exists today, at the 'bottom shops'.

The housing estate was originally built as an overspill estate for Wolverhampton, but was built within Wednesfield Urban District. The estate consists predominantly of 1950s council houses, flats and bungalows. It was the biggest council estate in Europe at the time of being built.

The home stead is viewed as being used by the Dean of Wolverhampton in his role as Dean of Ashmore Park (basically landlord). Generally the house was probably used as a farm and hostel for visitors and/ or workers utilized on the land and in the woods. Such things were common medieval uses for outlying city/ town estates. However, there is little to no actual evidence of such use here. The old farmhouse was probably taken down when a new one was built in the early 19th century; that new one was demolished in 1957 and a library was built near its site.

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