Articulation may refer to:

In linguistics:

  • Topic–focus articulation, a field of study concerned with marking old and new information in a clause
  • Manner of articulation, how speech organs involved in making a sound make contact
    • Place of articulation
  • The elaboration of articulate, sharp, clear speech or literary composition

In engineering:

  • Articulated vehicles, which have a pivoted joint allowing them to turn more sharply
  • Articulation score, in telecommunications, a subjective measure of the intelligibility of a voice system
  • Axle articulation, a vehicle's ability to flex its suspension, measured by ramp travel index

Other uses:

  • Articulation (music), the transition or continuity between multiple notes or sounds
  • Articulation (education), the process of comparing the content of courses that are transferred between postsecondary institutions
  • Articulation (sociology), the process by which particular classes appropriate cultural forms and practices for their own use
  • Articulation (anatomy), the location at which two or more bones make contact
  • Articulation (architecture)
  • Articulation (botany), a joint between two separable parts, as a leaf and a stem.
  • Articulation point, in graph theory