Armenians - Institutions


The nation-state of Armenia is the most prominent Armenian institution today. Other important institutions include:

  • The Armenian Apostolic Church
  • The Armenian Catholic Church
  • The Armenian Evangelical Church The community was formally recognized in 1846 by the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) founded in 1906 and the largest Armenian non-profit organization in the world with educational, cultural and humanitarian projects on six continents.
  • The Armenian Revolutionary Federation was founded in 1890. It is generally referred to as the Dashnaktsutyun, which means Federation in Armenian. The ARF is the strongest worldwide Armenian political organization and the only diasporan Armenian organization with a significant political presence in the Republic of Armenia.
  • The Armenian Relief Society, founded in 1910.
  • Hamazkayin, an Armenian cultural and educational society founded in Cairo in 1928, and responsible for the founding of Armenian secondary schools and institutions of higher education in several countries.
  • Homenetmen, an Armenian scouting and athletic organization founded in 1910 with a worldwide membership of about 25,000.

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