Apollo 440 - Live Performances

Live Performances

Apollo 440 have always played live with a number of different line-ups - in the early days featuring guest vocals by MC Stevie Hyper-D. In 1994 the basic trio of founding members Noko, Howard and Trevor were for the first time joined by Cliff on electronic and acoustic drums. Between 1997 and 2000 they toured extensively round the world as an eight piece live band, joined by Mary Byker (vocals), Harry K (DJ and vocals), Paul Kodish (drums) and Rej (bass). The 2008 live line-up features founding members Noko (guitar), Howard Gray (FOH vibe controller) and Trevor Gray (keyboards), plus frontman, long-time collaborator Ewan MacFarlane, who sings on the new album. Original Apollo 440 drummer Cliff Hewitt is again behind the drum kit, with Michael Cusick on bass guitar. Ashley Krajewski features on keyboards/MPC samples, having been the studio engineer at Apollo Control since 2003.

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