Apical, from the Latin apex (plural apices) meaning to be at the apex or tip, may refer to:

  • Apical (anatomy), an anatomical term of location for features located opposite the base of an organism or structure
  • Apical consonant, a consonant produced with the tip of the tongue
  • Apical dendrite, a type of dendrite found on pyramidal neurons
  • Apical dominance
  • Apical membrane, a cell biology term
  • Apical pulse, the heart rate when measured with a stethoscope placed over the heart
  • Apical direction, a term used in reference to a tooth
  • Apical (chemistry), a position in certain molecular geometries in chemistry.
  • Apical whorls of the shells of gastropods or snails, the whorls at the tip of the spire, near the apex (mollusc)
  • Tip of a seed, from which the epicotyl emerges