A.O. Shirley Recreation Ground

Coordinates: 18°25′34″N 64°37′15″W / 18.4261°N 64.6207°W / 18.4261; -64.6207

The A.O. Shirley Recreation Ground is a multi-use stadium in Road Town, British Virgin Islands. It is currently used mostly for football matches and usually hosts the British Virgin Islands national football team's games. The stadium holds 3,000 people.

The ground has also been used as a venue for cricket matches, with the first recorded cricket match played there in 1988 between a Combined Virgin Islands and Nevis. Three years later, the British Virgin Islands cricket team first played there against Anguilla in the 1991 Leeward Islands Tournament. Just over a decade later, the Leeward Islands played a first-class match there against the Windward Islands in the 2001/02 Busta Cup. This is the only first-class match to be played at the ground. The last recorded cricket match played there was in 2005. The grounds end names are the Police Station End and the Super Value End.

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