Antisemitism in Norway

Antisemitism in Norway has had a distinct history, reaching its apex during the Holocaust in Norway. It has also been a subject of discussion in the public debate about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Even today, antisemitisc actions is not very rare in Norway; A Pro—Israeli protester was attacked in Oslo in 2009 for being Jewish. Another antisemetic event was the editorial cartoon printed in Dagsavisen that depicted a Haredi Jew rewriting the ten commandments to include "thou shall murder". According to several political commentators, the antisemetism in Norway is instutiional. Alan M. Dershowitz sharply criticized Norway for its treatment of Jews, writing that "All Jews are apparently the same in this country that has done everything in its power to make life in Norway nearly impossible for Jews. Norway was apparently the first modern nation to prohibit the production of Kosher meat, while at the same time permitting Halal meat and encouraging the slaughter of seals, whales and other animals that are protected by international treaties. No wonder less than 1000 Jews live in Norway."

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