Annie Russell - Personal Life

Personal Life

She married playwright and stage manager Eugene Wiley Presbrey on 6 November 1884, and divorced him in 1897. She married English actor Oswald Harker (stage name Oswald Yorke) on 27 March 1904, and divorced him in 1929. She had no children from either marriage.

Russell suffered from periodic illnesses throughout her life, contributing to large gaps in her career. In late December, 1890, many of her professional friends arranged a testimonial to be performed in February 1891. A M Palmer, her company manager, offered free use of his theatre to stage the event. Three prominent theatre companies of the time volunteered to participate: the Madison Square Theatre Company, Daniel Frohman's Lyceum Theatre Company, and Charles Frohman's Twenty-Third Street Theatre Company. The testimonial was performed February 10, 1891 and earned $3,000 to offset medical and other costs.

She also gave several speeches to drama students, the first speech to the graduates of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in March 1902.

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